Natural homemade remedies for colds and cough

Colds and cough


Remedy for cold:

Chicken soup remedy for cold
Chicken soup an age-old remedy to get relief from cold. Chicken soup warms the muscles and loosens the mucus thus assisting in clearing the throat.


Salt water gargling to clar the throat
Gargling with salt water gives instant relief for cold. The salt scratches the throat muscles and removes bacteria associated with the mucus. One tablespoon of salt taken in warm water does the trick.

Remedy for dry cough:

Honey as remedy for dry cough
When dry cough is persistent, consume honey in regular intervals. Honey alone or mixed with lemon juice is said to provide immediate relief.


Remedy for wet cough:
Pepper tea for relief from wet cough
To reduce wet cough, pepper and honey tea is a best option. A tablespoon of pepper and two tablespoons of honey can be taken with warm water. Besides being a good antioxidant the mix clears the respiratory tract.

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